Welcome to Fifth Grade Math with Mrs. Evans! We are in for a great year ahead! Please remember to check here weekly for updates on what we are focusing on in Math and well as helpful tips for Math assignments. Any Math homework that you are given will be posted also on this page. Please do not hesitate to email Mrs. Evans should you have any problems throughout the year!
Remember...Need extra credit in Math? Complete your Energy Book and turn it in by June 4th (Latest date!) to received extra credit in Math!
Moneyville/Lemonade Stand!

Here's a link to the online website that accompanies our book.
Games to help practice finding the volume of a rectangular prism:Shape Shoot

Minecraft Volume

Extra Credit 100th Day Assignment:
It’s coming!
The 100th day of school will hopefully be on Feb. 20th, if we
don’t have any snow days!!!! It will be
a day to celebrate the number 100 in Math, so get ready!! For extra credit, you may choose to create a
collection of 100 items and bring it to school that day. The more creative, the better, but do NOT
have it any larger than 1 foot! You will
earn extra bonus points in Math for doing so.
Have fun assembling your collection any way you choose and have it ready
for the 100th day of school!

Decimal WebsitesClick here to play some games with our Decimal Squares
Interactive Decimal Sites
Splash math Decimal Games

As we begin long division, here is the method we will be using in fifth grade. Please read over it, and see Mrs. Evans with any questions you may have.

Sites for practice:
Decimal Practice...lots of sites!
Decimal Squares!
Fact Drill
Grand Prix Multiplication
Math Facts Pro
Mathemagician Game


Here's some great suggestions for your portable devices:iPad apps

App ideas